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David SchwartzMost criminal defense attorneys are well suited to protect the rights of the accused under the law. But where most criminal lawyer's responsibilities end is where David Schwartz's abilities begin. If you are accused of a crime, you need a fighter to not only guide you through the judicial process but also to win you your freedom and restore your good name. David Schwartz is a tireless litigator who fights for every client by all means necessary.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseIf you're unsure of your current representation, if you're about to plead guilty to avoid the unforseen circumstances of a jury trial, stop where you are. Do not sacrifice your innocence for what seems like an easier way out. Do not make another move until you've had a free consultation with David Schwartz. Criminal trials may be a cookie cutter routine for some attorneys. For David Schwartz, every trial is a landmark case, fully explored and fought to protect your rights and win your freedom. Contact David Schwartz now...

Nationally Renown Legal Expert

National MediaWhen high profile cases grip the headlines, the national news media turn to a nationally recognized criminal defesne attorney for the best insight. David Schwartz regularly contributes to MSNBC, NBC's "Today" and many other news outlets. The reason - David explores every angle and often conveys practical legal knowledge to their viewers. Top national news organizations like NBC News trust David Schwartz's expertise to properly inform their viewers.

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As New York criminal defense lawyers,  our mission is to aggressively fight for the rights of our clients and achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. There is no such thing as a small case and we are well aware that misdemeanor cases can have an everlasting impact on your life.

That’s why you need both the close, personal attention of a seasoned defense attorney who is a former prosecutor and the vast resources of New York Criminal Defense Attorney, David Schwartz

Whether you require a street-mart defense team for violent felonies and theft or the vast resources of our white collar criminal practice, you become part of our family and we are accessible every single day for all of your questions and concerns.

If you are accused of a crime, you need a partner with the knowledge and experience to speak for you and your rights. Before you communicate any further with authorities, contact David Schwartz for a free consultation. [click to continue…]

Know your rights!


Know your rights when stopped by a police officer. Legal Analysis with NY Criminal Defense Attorney David Schwartz on WPIX 11 News

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Famed New York Attorney Sanford Rubenstein faces allegations of rape. Attorney David Schwartz gives legal analysis to WABC – 7.

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He Killed His Classmate With a Single Punch, But Isn’t Facing Criminal Charges

Fox News Channel

He killed his Classmate with a single punch, but isn’t facing criminal charges. Legal analysis with New York criminal defense attorney David Schwartz on Fox.

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NYPD Officer Accused Of Staging Accident, Filing Multiple False Insurance Claims


NYPD Officer Accused Of Staging Accident, Filing Multiple False Insurance Claims. Analysis with David Schwartz, Spokesman for New Yorkers Stand Against Insurance Fraud on WLNY News

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