There are two basic reasons for a crime being tried in the federal court system versus the state court system — if the charge alleged is a violation of federal versus state law or if the crime alleged occurs on federal property.

When charged with a federal offense, the legal system will, in many cases, insist that a federal crimes attorney be retained on behalf of a defendant. This is due to the specialized nature of the proceedings and the rules governing federal sentencing and procedure. The majority of state practitioners are not sufficiently knowledgeable, experienced or trained in this highly specialized area of criminal law. Since the consequences of a criminal conviction are permanent for you and your loved ones, it becomes imperative to obtain the strong advocacy of attorneys experienced in this realm of criminal law. Attorney David Schwartz’s many years of experience and expertise relative to the federal judicial system has provided his clients with a strong advocacy over a period of many years. He is committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients.

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