You Can Fight City Hall and Win!

Using Advocacy Skills on behalf of Industry and Business can mean Survival from Attacks by Special Interests and Government!

The world has changed! It is now the norm for government and special interest groups to attack business, industry and especially Wall Street.

When did it become a sin in this country to work hard, run a business and love the American dream?

The dream is under attack because the business community has no clue how to become advocates for themselves and to build an infrastructure of success. The old school ways of throwing money at a problem and hoping it will go away is a way of the past. The business community, like other special interests has to go on a campaign to re-brand itself and tell the story to elected officials and the public at large that business is the backbone of the economy and the backbone of jobs in this country. True advocacy means door to door lobbying, media advocacy, grass roots advocacy, press advocacy, social media advocacy, rally’s and other tools to win the day. No matter what the industry is, as long as it is legal, it has a benefit to the economy and to the people of the United States of America. This program combines new concepts and new techniques in order to reboot the mindset of business, industry and trade associations. The program is highly motivational and is fast paced in order to instill the skills to fight city hall and win!

Networking: The Key to Landing Your Dream Job After College

Stop wasting your time pressing the send button thousands of times releasing your resume into a spam box! It’s about being present at the right time.

This is a motivational lecture on thinking outside of the box when trying to land your dream job. First, we learn several mental exercises in order to establish what you are passionate about and how you can turn that passion into a paycheck. We then explore how you need to physically get out of the house and into rooms where decision makers from these dream organizations are present. Once in the room, that is not the time to stand in the corner with a big fat glass of wine! It is the time where you work the room and you work the room hard. You connect and hand out cards on a high volume basis. then we learn about follow ups and how you can add value to these organizations.

Every decision maker is keen on hearing about how a young person out of college can add value to the business or other entity. Networking is the way to land your dream job!

The Big Credit Score Scam! Litigating Your Way Back to Good Credit and Other Techniques

Reclaiming your credit from the illegal acts by credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies by fighting against the lack of due process and win!

Over one hundred million Americans suffer from a lower credit score and do not understand how to remedy the situation.

The key to taking on credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies is to sue them and take no prisoners.

Once the case ends up in a federal court on several violations of the laws dealing with consumer protection, you will be entitled to a restoration of your credit, damages and attorney fees. We also learn several other techniques to protect and restore your credit. Bad credit leads to higher interest rates on borrowing and can also lead to not being able to obtain credit. In order for there to be a check and balance against the credit bureaus which will almost always side with the creditors, who are responsible for the majority of their revenue, consumers must stand up to illegal and unethical practices.

What Does a Business Manager Do When the FBI or Other Government Agency Comes Knocking at the Door

Former Prosecutor and experienced, nationally recognized criminal defense attorney gives strategies when an agency investigates your business.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation does most of the domestic intelligence gathering in the United States and could show up at your door for any number of reasons. Perhaps someone in your office has been surfing the wrong websites on an office computer or the agents are gathering information about someone with whom you do business. They could be questioning your own practices or activities or investigating those of an employee or acquaintance. You have the right to remain silent, the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure and the right to have an attorney present when agents question you. This program creates a game plan for dealing with government agencies in a practical, logical manner. There are way too many examples of company executives satisfying their short term fears at the expense of the long term welfare and continuity of the company.

This program is essential and should be part of any business, trade association or industry conference.