From Page Six:

Ex-AIG chair Maurice “Hank” Greenberg couldn’t resist taking another shot at Eliot Spitzer yesterday. Greenberg again accused Spitzer, who was state attorney general before becoming governor, of destroying the insurance giant to advance his political career. At the Police Athletic League luncheon at Mutual of America, Greenberg said, “I received a subpoena from [Spitzer] . . . 98 per cent of what he alleged, he dropped or was dismissed by the court or his own office. It took almost two years of law for that to take place. But just charging a company destroys a company, it makes no difference what happens later on. Our system is not what it is supposed to be when an individual who seeks higher office can use his platform to destroy a great company.” Guests included Police Commish Ray Kelly, John Catsimatidis, Robert Morgenthau, real estate queen Dolly Lenz, top lawyer Richard Farley, reputation expert Richard Torrenzano, Gotham Government Relations’ Bradley Gerstman and David Schwartz and Republican State Committee chair Edward Cox.

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