ira_sorkin_300“To preserve a system that can protect the people who didn’t do bad things, you have to represent people who did do bad things,” said Ira Lee Sorkin, best known in the recent past as the lawyer who defended Bernard Madoff. Ike Sorkin, as he is called by all those who know him, understands the justice system well. He’s worked as a U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, and from 1984 – 1986 he was the Director of the SEC’s New York Office where he supervised approximately 195 staff members, including lawyers, investigators, examiners, accountants and clerical personnel. In more recent years he’s been in private practice, now a partner at Dickstein Shapiro, LLP. Working in private industry, Mr. Sorkin has successfully represented many problematic stock companies, fighting for their right to exist just as tenaciously as he fought to shut them down while working for the SEC. David Schwartz’s interview of Ike Sorkin for is enlightening and thought provoking, presenting an interesting portrait of a lawyer who clearly believes in our justice system and the right of every person, no matter how heinous the crime, to have the best representation available.

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