From Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller:

Chris may be angry about the harsh article written about him by ‘The Onion,’ but a noted attorney tells exclusively that the R&B star doesn’t have any legal options to combat it! Read on for all the details.

A harsh slam of Chris Brown‘s violent history appeared on The Onion on Dec. 6, criticizing his past behavior and Rihanna‘s recent decision to take the singer back. While the article probably felt like a major blow to Chris, an attorney tells us that the singer doesn’t have a defamation case on his hands.

Attorney David Schwartz, who does not represent Chris, spoke with exclusively about whether Chris could seek legal action against The Onion for defamation of character. He told us, “Anyone can sue for defamation, but the question is would Chris Brown prevail in a defamation suit. He would not because it’s a newspaper offering an opinion based in comedy.”

David further clarified, “These are not statements asserting a fact and are covered under the first amendment and not subject to defamation.”

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