The Lack of Humanity: How the Heck Did We Get Here?

Everywhere you turn, people are asking, “what is wrong with our society”? Experts pontificate on the causes of the breakdown of basic concepts of mutual respect and really it is a combination of a multitude of factors. We hear noise from people screaming and yelling their opinions and politicians who do not listen to the other side. The idea that people are putting political party over country in our modern day world is just reprehensible. We need to come together as a country and as a global community in order to to preserve our way of life and our society as we know it. the following are 4 reasons for the breakdown of humanity in our society:

  1. Gerrymandering – We are electing radical politicians to legislative branches of government because on both the state and federal levels, we are drawing either red districts or blue districts. When you look at these legislative maps, it is not a fair representation of a logically drawn out district, but strategic drawing to either draw a red district or a blue district. In turn, only the most radical members of the left wing of the democratic party or the right wing of the Republican party are elected and in primaries, even moderate candidates must run to the extremes. We then elect extreme candidates who in turn will not negotiate with the other side and will not be part of the center left or center right which 85% of Americans are a part of. If you put average everyday Americans in a room together, they can probably find a middle ground negotiated result on every issue, including the most controversial issues in our society such as abortion, guns, immigration and crime. Our leaders, the people we should be looking up to, are becoming more and more extreme and in turn, our society and our next generation are becoming more and more extreme. New York State in a landmark Gerrymandering decision redrew all of the district lines in order for the lines to look like real districts. Every state, whether a red state or a blue state should also redraw the lines in a bipartisan fashion, in order to get the fairest representation possible. Gerrymandering is scourge on society and humanity.
  2. Social Media – Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool in connecting our world, but it has been hijacked in order to brainwash our society and has added to the lack of humanity amongst our people. Fake ads, bots, cyber-bullying, humiliation, identity theft, false news, false rumors spread across the internet and through lightening speed in the quest to get as many hits as possible. Most of the time, the headline and the actual story do not even match because it is well known many readers do not get past the headline. Cyber bullying, this gang mentality on piling on to human beings on social media platforms, have caused a tremendous rise in suicides and mental illness. Using the internet as a weapon to destroy your opponents and your enemies is now a common occurrence. The laws have not caught up to the blatant abuse that occurs on social media platforms.
  3. Human interaction – Technology has changed the world and has allowed a massive amount of communication without ever having to see another person. The pandemic has exacerbated the already deteriorating lack of human interaction in our society and communicating with people from inside a house or a basement instead of face to face human interaction has facilitated a lack of humanity. Where bullying takes place in a location where people cannot face the person they are looking to destroy, it emboldens the bully to be as outrageous as possible. People are now choosing to stay home, because they believe they can accomplish all their tasks from home and no need to go to a centralized workplace, whether it be an office, a warehouse, a store or any other central work environment. Maybe employees can accomplish their tasks from home, but the lack of a human experience, face to face, with other employees, customers, employers has long term devastating consequences on humanity and human experience in general.
  4. Glorified Violence – Instead of Mary Poppins, Willy Wanka, Beauty and the Beast and Clifford, our youth are exposed to disgusting, violent video games that have blatant terrorist acts, blowing people up and have glorified the murder of massive amounts of people. there is no explanation how have allowed these horrible games to now dominate the learning experiences of our children. Glorifying violence has had a devastating effect on our humanity and must be eradicated if we even have a chance to bring our society back to a level of common decency and mutual respect.

We cannot turn back the clocks and the train has certainly left the station when it comes to the factors that are leading to the breakdown of our humanity. We must learn to live in this new world and learn to live with all the negativity from Gerrymandering, social Media, lack of human interaction and glorified violence. We must create new laws which will greatly damage the threats on our society. We cannot turn back the clock, but we need to produce better, more well rounded people who can think logically about the world and we must learn to be immune from all of these forces which are a scourge on our society and an ongoing threat to our humanity.